The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For!

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Dizzy Blonde
Today’s opening caption compliments of Tareshen aka dutchjackalgirl


You people sure don’t make things easy on a person now do you?  I had so many awesome entries, it took me DAYS to finally narrow it down.  But first, let me share some of them with you!

The write-in entries, in no particular order:

Trixie 10-08


Dis happen when catz run grooming salons! … ~ Joan Riggs ~

There’s Something About Doggie … ~ Tami ~

Wat u mean iz not hair gel … ~ Alise ~

I uz my new antenae to scan for nipplz … ~ Esther ~

I’n too hornee fo diz blog…sleepin now. … ~ Anne in Gainsville ~

When you 900 years old are, look so good you will not … ~ CouthyQuine ~

Phah, basement cat.  Gamez on. … ~ Katieb ~

you likes my impressions of La in teh mornings? … ~ Sandee ~

hoomins fuli bkgrd chekd, cat sed.  be gud adoptrz, cat sed … ~ Weeza ~


The rest of the text-only entries can be found in the comments section here and here.


And as for the picture submissions, here are just a few of my faves!

Imprezz Bloggin

First up are entries from Ida of knittingpurls and AmyP of both dyedinthewool and knitting Amys


There's Something About TrixieHairgel
Alison’s, (aka Smurf on Ravelry) There’s Something About Mary


Kill Later Raining Steak

These two are from Carrie/Pacalaga and Naomi knits in church


andorian trix andorian

And Michelle, aka Fickleknitter shows off her geek cred…

You can find the rest of the captioned pictures in this nifty little Capshun Slide Show thingy. They’re totally worth the look.


And now the prize winners! No, that’s not a typo, that’s really pluralized. Yeah, I know I didn’t make my design submission deadline. That tends to happen when you think the deadline’s the 15th of the month, when in all actuality, it’s the 3rd. But still. I HAD OVER 60 ENTRIES!!!! Who can choose just one? So, to be fair, I chose one written caption, one pictured caption and one by sheer chance by consulting Ficklelottery (which basically chatting to Ficklehoar knitter in IM and saying “Hey, pick a number, will ya?). So without further ado…

Random Prize Winner

is Heidi, who sent in this little gem…

Oh haz great daz…last to haz the salmon mousse…first to haz the Salon mousse! I gotz me haz no respect! ~~Dogney Dangerfield

Written Caption Prize

goes to Anne-Marie of The Chicks with Sticks for…

Stoopid hooman. When SHE sleeps I pee on her toothbrush

Trust me, you really don’t wanna know, but yes, there’s a story, and obviously Anne-Marie pays attention the one time I told it on Plurk


Picture Caption Prize Winner

is Laurel aka OldBean of Old Bean Knits
Way to go!


So, Heidi, Anne-Marie & Laurel email me your snail mail addresses and your prizes of Trixie-selected Dizzy Blonde Studios yarn plus other little goodies will be winging its way to you, just as soon as I can get off my lazy ass and send it!


Thank you everyone for your entries! They all made me laugh, and that makes ME the ultimate winner. Cuz, you know, it’s all about me, right?

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  2. I dunno, I thought the yoda one was the best…

  3. Ficklelottery’s official numbers for the day are:

    1 1 2 3 5 8 13 and 42

    Congrats, winners!

  4. Yay for OldBean! She deserves a win because I just won a contest on her blog!

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!!

  6. Ooh, yay! I’d like to thank my mom, for instilling the love of sci-fi, my dad for buying me the Buffy movie after I had to return it to Blockbuster after watching it 5 times in 4 days, and again, my mom, for recording the Buffy series for me while I was away at college… all of which led to a devotion to all things Joss, and of course, Firefly. 😉

  7. i yeah i winz.

    i send you my address 🙂

  8. Those are great! I had one, but I never sent it in (I just didn’t feel like it was funny enough)! It’s good to see that I was right. These are hilarious!

  9. Shoot, and I totally missed this contest. *crie*

  10. WHOOHOO ……………I can haz priiz !!!!!

  11. Those are hilarious! Well deserved winnings.

    I hope Trixie got her own treats.

  12. OMG those entries were good!

  13. […] the contest page with those winners, but if you’d like to see who it is, here’s the blog post. Go ahead and check out all the amazing entries!  And after careful and considerable deliberation […]

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