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So, I’ve been pretty scarce here lately haven’t I?  I know, I know.  Bad blogger! No donut!!! …mmmmm, donut…

I have just been so crazy busy and have so much to write about that for the last week, I haven’t known where to start.  I STILL don’t know, so I’ll just pick a point and go from there. Hopefully it’ll make some kind of sense. Doesn’t help that I’m on Vitamin V today…uh, anyway…

We had a very distinguished visitor for the holidays!

Marina Sol

Since we spent Christmas night at LAX (don’t EVEN get me started on how dirty and and disgusting and uninviting the United Airlines terminal is there…gross!) picking up Chrissy and Marina , we celebrated Christmas with my wonderfully big and loud and obnoxious family on Sunday the 28th (which was also my birthday), where Marina took a great liking little Levi…


…and he to her.


Budding romance? Somehow, I don’t think so. For Levi, it’s all about the food. Marina had it…he wanted it. Simple as that. But it was still cute as hell!


How’s THAT for a good-looking family, eh?

Then on Monday, we took the day off to celebrate my birthday at on of my favorite places…

B-day Button

Where Fickleknitter and her family joined us for lunch at Rainforest Cafe.


See Claudia, Fickleknitter IS a real person! Alter-ego my ass!

…and then we went to Build-A-Bear.

Brown Bear’d the Pirate (Tourist)

After which, we went back to California Adventure and caught a few of the shows. And it was then when I learned that grandchildren are life’s way of giving you permission to dance like a lunatic and not get looked sideways for it. I had so much fun! But man, was I sore come morning!

After working up quite an appetite, it was time for ice cream!


Now, some of you might be thinking…hmmmmm, that blanket looks handknit…and VERY familiar. And you would be right!

Marina's Baby Blanket

That’s the Pinwheel Baby Blanket with the edging from Ingrid’s Bridal Knot Shawl that Oma La made for her back in June of 2007, and that Marina can’t go anywhere without. Can’t say I’m not a little jazzed at that!

Chrissy and Marina have since returned to their home in New Mexico, but I think their visit was the best Christmas gift ever!


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  1. fickleknitter-now with MORE chins!

  2. OMG, can that child BE any cuter? I totally claim her for my daughter in law, dammit, unless I can get both my boys fixed up with the neighbor’s two daughters across the street and only have to deal with one set of in-laws…

  3. Donut? Did someone say donut??? ::pricks up ears and looks around alertly::

    And speaking of ears, the ears on that child are adorable!

  4. LOVE the picture of you and fickleknitter. AND…OMG the kids…so freakin’ cute!

  5. Are those pooh ears? So cute! She’s a doll!

  6. Can you let Levi and that commenter Carrie above that Ms. Marina is already spoken for?????

    Happy Belated!

  7. Lovely pictures! Seems like you all had a great time. I’m looking at snow out my window and California is sounding great!!

    And the blanket is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

    Daniele aka mscreate.typepad.com and plurk bud. 🙂

  8. Ohh. I wanna be a grandma. It looks like FUN.

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