I Drank The Kool-Aid

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A Recent Conversation:

Fickleknitter– So, I’ve completed my shopping list for Stitches West…ONE OF EVERYTHING!  See, done!

La – Yeah, I have a few things on mine too, but it’s not nearly as concise, yet vastly encompassing as yours.

FKblink blink

La – well…some yarn.  Mainly I’ll be looking for new up-and-coming Indie dyers, but I gotta hit Brooks Farms and Lisa Souza, cuz I’m all about getting my fix.

La – Oh, yeah, and if I can find a motorized yarn winder for less than I can buy it from CrazyMonkey’s man, I’ll get it, but I doubt I will.

FK – Will you be getting any spinning fiber?  You know, it’s like crack to me now.

La – What the HELL would I do with more spinning fiber?   How many times must I say, La don’t do spin! Yeah, I do it suckily for the Rometard shit, but Jen sent me plenty of fiber for that.  Besides, I bought the Dizzy Ewe gorgeous red tussah crack, and I don’t wanna waste that drop spindling.

FK – what then? are you gonna look for a wheel there?

La – I would need one that a one-armed monkey could operate and maintain.  It’d have to be small and compact, so the SBH doesn’t bitch about it’s presence.  But I don’t want one of those “Travelers” ones.  Those are butt-ugly.  Oh, and since it’d become part of the decor, I’d like it in a mahogany finish, again so the SBH doesn’t get his manties in a wad…and it’d have to be a good price.

FK – huh.  Get a wheel…you gotta get a wheel…YOU MUST GET A WHEEL!!!

So…that very next day, she sends me a link to a Ravelry forum board where a local spinner was selling her wheel.  One week later it’s found a new home…


…in my living room. Shut up.

She hasn’t told me yet what her name is.  Isn’t that funny?  Do we name our drop spindles, or our needles?  Do we name our stash containment systems?  No.  But for some reason a spinning wheel requires a name before it is truly whole.  So, until she tells me what to call her, I’ll spin until my right thigh cramps up and my thumbs swell…oh, wait, I’ve already done that!


So, yep, going to Stitches West this year.  I’m taking 3 classes:  Crochet With Straigth Edges, Celtic Cables (which is the one I most wanted), and Suitable Seams (so that I can finally get a handle on my grafting and my seaming).  I spread out my classes over 3 days so that I would have plenty of time for shopping and socializing.

La’s Stitches West Social Calendar

Now a fun little thing a fellow SW-bound Raveler came up with was to kiss the vendors…basically, if a vendor is a Raveler, they’ll have a bowl in which all us shoppers can drop some love, in the form of Hershey’s kisses…so I bought 4 bags.  Hope you all are chocoholics!

Friday Night

I’ve organized a bit of an informal boozing binge.  It’ll be in the Hyatt Magnolia Room, which has been set aside as a lounge for Stitches West, and we can take drinks in there from the nearby hotel bar.  I think you could also BYOB if you were so inclined, though I wouldn’t advertise the fact that you’re doing it.  This little soire will start 6:00 and going until they kick us out, though I won’t be getting there until around 7:30, and staying until around BSG- o’clock.  Wha?

This little boozer is opened to anyone and everyone so come on by!

Saturday Night

Will find us dining with a fellow RR  Modhoar, Terasa, and then it’ll be off to the Bobbin’s Nest Stitches West party, then perhaps the Stitches West Party at Purlescence, which is going on from 7:30 to 10:30.  SO glad I’m not doing any driving!

I’ve already got my bags packed and hotel survival food purchased and bagged.  Can you tell I’m really looking forward to this one?  Not only will I get to take some great classes, and do some serious damage to my bank account, I’ll finally have a chance to meet several people I’ve been “friends” with for years.  Hell, even one of them CarrieK, is gonna be our roomie!

Is it Thursday yet?

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  1. ROFL! I knew it would happen sometime. It makes sense right now, because nearly every blogger I read who didn’t spin regularly has gotten back into it in the last week, independently. It’s the latest fibery communicable disease!

  2. Heh. That looks a lot like the Ashford Traddy I picked up locally last fall. What I can’t figure out is how I got by with only one wheel for about 15 years, and NOW I have 4. What’s up with that???

    Srsly, have fun with it. (I don’t name wheels, so no suggestions there.)

  3. HOLY FUCK! I’m totally sending you a fleece now.

  4. mwah hahahahahaha That is all.

  5. Welcome to the dark side. You’ll love it here.

  6. Can I get there in time, do you think??

  7. I think spinning is going around like the flu.

    Have a wonderful time at SW, be careful and make sure you hug CarrieK for me.


  8. If that’s Celtic Cables with Melissa Leapman you’re taking, you’re going to have a blast. I took it last year, and she was great. She had a great dry sense of humor… although, if I remember correctly, she may have been on cold meds, so I don’t know if she’s funny without them. 😀

    Totally looking for the booze soiree Friday night.

  9. […] importantly is La’s Boozer Friday evening.  Sounds like things will be getting started at 6 pm (although the hostess with the […]

  10. you have been aspinnerated! my wheel hasn’t told me her name yet either. wait, it’s a her? Hmmm…at any rate, it’s probably cause I don’t get to play with it as often as I would like…

  11. I love watching the way spinning is spreading wildly everywhere. Enjoy your wheel and time at SW.

  12. That is a stunning wheel!

    I want a spinning wheel (and/or a loom), but it has to wait until I have a house with room enough for a separate craft area. I would hate to think about what the cat would do with access to a wheel or a loom.

  13. That is one beautiful wheel. It would look nice next to my Paulie Walnuts!

    I’m thinking that your wheel will end up with a name of either Kaylee or River. Depending on how much it ends up kicking your ass. =P

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