She Inspired a Generation

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As kids there were always the three of us:  Teri, Jane and me.  And when we’d get together, you could always find us “reenacting” our favorite TV show.  Jane, with her glorious long brown hair was always Kelly, that was a given.  And since we always played at my house, it was only fair that Teri played Sabrina, which left me open to play Jill, naturally.

We would do the famous 3-chicks-with-guns intro pose, then half-sit on a the coffee table, talking to a shoebox.  After we got our assignment, we would tear out of the house through the front door and chase down the bad guys (who would usually be my oblivious brothers).  Of course we weren’t allowed to wear high heels yet, so we’d run on our tip toes pretending we had them on, and save the day.  Yes, we’re talking Charlie’s Angels

By the time we were in junior high, we all had feathered hair.  Jane’s was the best.  We’d practice our best Farrah smile, work on our tans and wish we could fill out our one-pieces as nicely as she did.  She, along with the other “Angels” sent the message to girls worldwide that you can be strong, smart AND beautiful.  They inspired us and gave us all new hope and a new sense of independence.


She had made such an impression on this child of the 70s and 80s that hers was one of the first Dizzy Blonde colorways I came up with, filled with rich earthtones and sparkling highlights.  Hers was a classic beauty.  She was wholesome, sweetly spoken, all-American and yes, flawed.  So, in essence, she was REAL.  Today, she lost her battle with cancer.  Her loss will be felt by an entire generation, and the world seems a little emptier knowing Farrah Fawcett is no longer in it.

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  1. It just doesn’t seem possible, does it?

  2. Great tribute – as a child of the 70/80’s as well I can so identify. I think we forget how strong she was. Thank you

  3. While I am saddened by the death of MJ as well I feel so sad that Farrah’s loss has been so overshadowed by all the MJ hype and spin.

    My brother had that poster on his bedroom wall and I had that haircut as the pre-pubescent Farrah wannabe I was 🙂

    Even tho she had a bit of the crazies in later years her sweetness always shown thru….a loss of an icon in so many ways! (and of all fucking things, anal cancer?? That’s something Osama bin Laden or the BTK killer should get, not Farrah!)

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