Dye-by Posting

Bad blogger, no doughnut! I swear, wasn’t it just last week that I last posted? No? Damn. It’s pretty bad when the April Fool’s joke is the fact that I’m actually blogging, now isn’t it?

Well, today’s is gonna be a quicky, just to check in to let everyone know that I am still around, just up to my eyeballs in current and soon-to-be-current projects and “ideas”.

I’m just wrapping up this year’s Mean Girls Yarn Club, shipments will be going out today and tomorrow, so all you Mean Girls, better get your asses out and wait by your mailboxes. But while the wrap-up is going on, the ramp-up for MGYC part Deux is under way. Almost all the ducks are in their proverbial row, and just waiting to give MGYC v.1.0 its proper send-off, before I start making grand announcements about its sequel.

I’m dyeing like a madwoman so that I’ll have enough stock (hopefully what I consider “enough” is actually enough) for Estes Park Wool Market. This is a juried event (you gotta compete with other vendors to even get in), and every vendor has to submit an application along with a booth and product description in the hopes of getting in. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’m working on a new design, one that is the feminine compliment to my Washburne Scarf.  I have only 12 more rows of knitting, and then the drafting begins.  At least the charts are already done, that’s 60% of the work.  I’ve really enjoyed working on this pattern.  So much so, that I have knit the cabled motif 5 friggin times.  Which reminds me…I need to book an appointment with my adorable model as well!

Also, I just booked my flight to NC in October. Yes, I do realize that it is only April, but dude, round trip airfare was cheap cheap cheap! I couldn’t resist. So, I will be attending SAFF this year as a vendor, sharing a booth with my good friend Aimee (aka FunFairieGirl) of Fairie Knits.

I just did the coolest thing yesterday; the Lime and Violet Live on Facebook.  It’s a webcam’d chat room where they host virtual S & B’s every Wednesday & Saturday.  I did it yesterday, and I gotta say that it was a lot of fun, even though I was a major spaaz.  Apparently when I get nervous I chatter along faster than a dolphin.  Gotta get working on that, because, you see, they want me to do a trunk show some time this month.  I know!  So, I’ll be getting more details as to the details on the trunk show.  I’d sure love to showcase some of the gorgeous things you all have knit from my yarn!

And on the non-fibery side of life, we’re getting ready for a wedding at Casa de Martos.  Yup, Junior’s tying the knot to a wonderful crocheter in 6 weeks.  The wedding activities are really beginning to ramp up now.  Come May, we’ll have a house full of nephews, nieces, daughters and granddaughters (yay, we get the young crowd) for a few days of non-stop wedding hubbabaloo.  I think by then I will welcome a break from my all-dye-all-weekend-long-every-weekend-until-I-dye…errrrr, DIE, schedule.  Constant comings and goings will be a nice rest.

I know, I know, the neglect I’ve shown my etsy store is criminal.  Therefore, I will be doing a mini update next week; most likely Tuesday, but it could possibly even be Wednesday.  I always have every intention of blogging/updating/emailing/tweeting, but somehow it doesn’t always get done.  Must be age.  They say the memory’s the first to go.

What was I saying?

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  1. OMG! I was off the internet so long that I had no clue about MGYC????? Geez I need to do some major catching up.

  2. Congratulations! On everything, and Junior too. Good to hear from you!

  3. Congrats on the mad dyeing, the wedding, getting MGYC stuff off (and where is mine btw? Hmmm? Hmmm? Did you put a pen in it? I like your pens. 😉

    A feminine counterpart to Washbourne? Would that be Zoe? And how feminine does Zoe dress?

  4. Carrie: She wears a slinky dress at the end of Serenity, and DAMN, does she look good!

    Good to know about the pen. I’ll make sure to send you some soon.

  5. Well, hello there! Nice to see you again.

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