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We’ve saved the best for last!

Bag montage-72dpi

These adorable bags are completely hand-made by Joan Nevin.  They’re approximately 10″ tall, with a rectangular base, fully interfaced and lined with light-colored coordinating fabric.  One of my favorite features is the band of custom “Knit Dizzney” fabric near the top!  The price for these bags are $18 each.  However, if you purchase all 3 Knit Dizzney exclusives: official t-shirt, “Stitch Dizzney” yarn and a Cowabunga! Project Bag, you’ll get $5.00 off the total.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch (isn’t there always?).  There is an extremely limited quantity of these bags, so at first, they will be only be available to those who will be attending Knit Dizzney.  Then, if there are any bags left over, it’s anyone’s game!  Knit Dizzney participants can order their bags when they pre-order their yarn (starting Monday July 21).  Once the yarn pre-orders have closed, I’ll then put up another order form for everyone else, and let you all know how many bags are left.  Orders will be filled in a first-come, first served basis.  But when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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  1. […] New this year is a limited edition project bag, and I gotta say, it’s gorgeous!  However, we only have an extremely limited quantity.  Knit Dizzney attendees will get first dibs. But because we have such a limited quantity, only one bag per person. All relevant info on these adorable bags can be found here. […]

  2. Peggy Baxter

    Sign me up for attending Knit Dizzney 2014
    I want a skein of the yarn, 2XL t-shirt and a bag.
    Where and when can I order??? 🙂

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