And now for a twist (or, curse you Disney Bean Counters!!!)

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So, Disneyland has gone and changed their Downtown Disney parking policies just in time to throw a bit of a monkey-wrench into our 2017 Knit Dizzney plans.


“Effective august 16, 2017, the parking policy will be updated to provide 2 hours of free parking when you make a $20 minimum purchase and receive validation from any Downtown Disney location (including quick-service restaurants and kiosks) or up to 4 hours of free parking with validation from any Downtown Disney table-service restaurant or AMC Theatres movie experience.


Beyond these validations, each additional hour will cost $12, charged in 30-minute increments, with a minimum $6 charge after the initial 15-minute grace period. Additionally, the maximum daily parking and lost ticket fees will increase from $36 to $48.”

So what does this mean for our Knit Dizzney event on September 10, 2017?  It means that we’ll have to be a little creative if we want to pay the very minimum for parking.

  1. The event will be from 1:00 to 2:30 instead of 3:00.  This should allow for you to return to your cars and exit the parking before the 2-hour mark.  However, you are welcome to stay longer if you wish, just all of the games and door prizes will be done by 2:30.
  2. Have someone drop you off and either catch a ride back with someone who was at the event, or have them pick you up as well.
  3. You can do a little early quickly Christmas shopping.  Additionally, while at the Hearthstone Lounge, we can combine our orders on one bill with those who parked in the Downtown Disney lot so that their receipt reflects a total of $20 or more.  I plan on bringing cash so this can be done.
  4. Carpool:  If several of you ride together you can split the parking expense.
  5. Stick around and catch a movie or have an early dinner/late lunch at one of the table service restaurants.
  6. You can always park in the parking structure for the theme parks.  I think it’s still $20 (I’ll be checking on this and get back to you if it’s changed) and in comparison to the $48 all-day/lost ticket fee of Downtown Disney parking, it’s a steal.

I apologize for the inconvenience of Disney’s timing for rolling out their new parking policy.  At least the event is free, and the Downtown Disney parking lot is well patrolled, so your vehicle will be safer there than at pretty much any other venue.


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  1. Wow, is Disney that down on their luck? Curse you, you penny-pinching, fun-hating MILLENIALS!

  2. I actually think it’s more about traffic and parking control. Most people who are actually visiting Downtown Disney do so with the intent of shopping, seeing a moving or having a meal. However, there have been an ever-increasing number of people visiting the theme parks trying to buck the system by parking in DTD lot and move their cars every 4 hours. This causes congested parking. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to meet someone for dinner and there was no parking. Of course, I’m an optimist. 😉

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