No Idle Hands Here!

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Most fiber crafters I know take a knitting or crochet project to work on while standing in line.  Let’s face it, it makes us much kinder, more patient and tolerant people!  It also gives us something to do while we have some down time waiting for our second wind.  This year we have a few “Tangled” inspired pattern recommendations

Knitting Patterns


Tangled PathwaysTangled Pathways by Sarah Bueler:  A crescent shape shawl

IMG_3784_medium2Sunburst Shawl by Carol Serve

Tangled VinesTangled Vines by Chrissy Gardiner:  A pair of beautifully cabled socks

Tangled WoodlandTangled Woodland by Linda Choo:  An asymmetrical triangular shawl

20160618_082859_medium2Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair by Lily Go:  A bottom-up half-circle shawl

Tangled LaceTangled Lace Shawl by Pamela Wynne:  A top-down triangular shawl

Tangled-crankyCranky/Calm Chameleon by Tony Goddard:  Everyone needs a reptilian bestie!

Crochet Patterns

TOC2_mediumA Tangle of Color by Stephanie Sario:  A light, lacy scarf

JMGP8333_medium2Rapunzel by Tanja Oswald:  Braided fingerless mitts

Tangled sidekickChameleon Sidekick by Sarah Horrocks:  An adorable chameleon stuffie

Tangled PascalChameleon Pascal 3D by Martina Luzova:  Another crocheted reptilian bestie


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