What a Rush…

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…Sugar Rush, that is!

Achievement unlocked if you guessed “Wreck It Ralph” for this year’s Knit Dizzney’s movie theme.

Wreck it Ralph





But have you guessed the main theme character?

None other than Vanellope von Schweet, the snarky, rebellious princess/racer who we all grew to love and adore!











Her main adversary?  The evil King Candy!

Who just so happens to be our secondary theme character for this year’s Knit Dizzney!










Yes, this year we will once more have 2 different exclusive custom-dyed colorways to choose from, in addition to a limited-edition project bag,a custom-designed knitting pattern and possibly a crochet pattern too!  Keep your eyes on the prize as we reveal all the amazing swag for this year!sugar_rush___wreck_it_ralph___racers_by_gregory011-d63b1qm






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