Mei Mei aka Little Bean

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Mei Mei 2

Last month we lost Mei Mei to kidney failure. She was 14, blind, deaf, but living her best life until the very end. For those who aren’t sure who Mei Mei is, she was our 2nd Dizzy Blonde who we adopted from a rescue in California.We have been trying to overcome the depression that comes with losing someone so close to your heart.  We lost Trixie, the Original Dizzy Blonde, last February to congestive heart failure. Both these pups were very much a part of Dizzy Blonde Studios and our brand.

Mei Mei-Trixie

Well, now it’s time to shake off the funk, get to work, and start carrying on to honor their lives, so that’s exactly what we are doing!

  1. In the next few months we will be relaunching the Dizzy Blonde Studios website. There will be fun activities, and colorways to celebrate both of these amazing little lives, and our new life here in Florida.
  2. You can catch us at several events this year, starting with Stitches United in Atlanta GA, our first major east coast show.
  3. We are adding even more fun to Knit Dizzney this year…a sleep-over at The Grand Californian Hotel Saturday night.
  4. We will be launching a quarterly newsletter as soon as I can finish the address book So stay tuned for future DBS updates and announcements

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