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Just a quick recap of the amazing Knit Dizzney 2019 Limited-Edition Swag! 

(Link to yarn, project bag & headband pre-order form will be at the end of the post)

DBS Maleficent Yarn Banner

“Darkest of Hearts”, from Dizzy Blonde Studios is sumptuous  that is inspired by our most esteemed villainess, Maleficent

Additional details and pricing information can be found in the original post.

If interested in the yarn only, it can be purchased separately at Dizzy Blonde Studios.  Otherwise you can use the pre-order forms.

Bag Banner

Once again the incomparable Silvia of Not Knots created this year’s coordinating project bag!

It’s the perfect size for a crafter on the go,and features our theme character in all her glory plus contrasting custom-printed fabric band, coordination interior fabric, a strong double drawstring closure, several convenient pockets including her signature “needle niche”and a flat rectangular bottom making it so the bag can sit upright.  It’s the perfect size for a crafter on the go!

Availability is severely limited, so only one bag per person, or per bundled package, on a first-come-first-served basis.  For more information, please see the original blog post.

If you don’t want to miss out on your 2019 Limited Edition Project Bag, order early using the pre-order form linked at the end of the post.

Dragon Yarn Banner

Next, , “Now You Shall Deal with SHEEP” from Lazer Sheep Yarn is also in the wonderfully luxurious MCN sock yarn inspired by Maleficent’s Dragon entity.

Please see the original post for additional details and pricing information.

If interested in the yarn only, it can be purchased separately at Lazer Sheep Yarns.  Otherwise you can use the pre-order forms.

Ears banner

Finally, our newest bit of swag:  Custom-made ears headband inspired by both aspects of the dark faerie, Maleficent.  

Each lightweight headband is handcrafted by the very talented, long time Knit Dizzneyteer Cheryle J Kong and features a double bow in orchid satin and purple organza flanked by iridescent dragon fire while the Knit Dizzney logo and event year grace the back.  For more information please refer to the original post.






Don’t forget!  Preorders close August 23, 2019!

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