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Pre-orders are now closed!

Pre-orders for 2019 Knit Dizzney’s Glittering Assemblage are now closed.  Thank you all for your orders.  Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!


Remember, project bags and headbands are in very limited quantities, so order early!  If any remain after pre-orders have closed, they will be made available in the Dizzy Blonde Studios store.

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  1. Pam Haschke

    Planning to be there. Won’t confirm until another week

  2. Lisa J Hawn

    Laura, Lisa Hawn here. Can I add a 2nd skein of Darkest of Hearts? That would make 2 Darkest of Hearts, 1 Now You Shall Deal…, And a project bag. Please advise.

  3. GeorgeAnne Plaza

    placed my order but not sure if I can attend (hubs on Orders etc) is it possible just to come to the Hearth?

  4. @susiescout

    Sounds like a GRAND time! What are the deets?

  5. Jennifer Walston

    Have these been invoices yet, because I haven’t received an invoice for payment. Thanks!

    • Invoices started going out today. Yours will be in the next batch. There were a LOT of them this year. YAY!

  6. Valarie Macdonald

    I just pre ordered and before it could ask me to pay it said it sent my reply. This is my first year so not sure if I did it correctly.

  7. I preordered all the goodies & gorgeous yarn. Unfortunately I will be out of the country for Knit Dizzney this year but now that I know you do this yearly there are 4 of us that will plan for next year!! Love knitting & love Disney. I hope I can still get all the goodies I ordered as this is my daughter’s favorite Disney character.

    • Of course you can still get the goodies you ordered! Can’t wait to meet you at next year’s event!

  8. Catherine Pahia

    What day will orders be shipped if we didn’t get to attend? I can’t wait to get started on the pattern

    • Hi Catherine! Because I now reside in Florida and in the direct path of Dorian, and the other 3 hosts live in CA, the orders that are not being picked up at the event will be shipped out after the event. Thank you so much for your patience!

  9. Judith June Tarrant

    When we ordered at first I said we would not attend, but later said we could come. How can I be sure our order will be there for us? We are for sure coming. Where do we find out about the slumber party??

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