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Pre-orders are now closed!

Pre-orders for 2019 Knit Dizzney’s Glittering Assemblage are now closed.  Thank you all for your orders.  Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!


Remember, project bags and headbands are in very limited quantities, so order early!  If any remain after pre-orders have closed, they will be made available in the Dizzy Blonde Studios store.

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  1. Pam Haschke

    Planning to be there. Won’t confirm until another week

  2. Lisa J Hawn

    Laura, Lisa Hawn here. Can I add a 2nd skein of Darkest of Hearts? That would make 2 Darkest of Hearts, 1 Now You Shall Deal…, And a project bag. Please advise.

  3. GeorgeAnne Plaza

    placed my order but not sure if I can attend (hubs on Orders etc) is it possible just to come to the Hearth?

  4. @susiescout

    Sounds like a GRAND time! What are the deets?

  5. Jennifer Walston

    Have these been invoices yet, because I haven’t received an invoice for payment. Thanks!

    • Invoices started going out today. Yours will be in the next batch. There were a LOT of them this year. YAY!

  6. Valarie Macdonald

    I just pre ordered and before it could ask me to pay it said it sent my reply. This is my first year so not sure if I did it correctly.

  7. I preordered all the goodies & gorgeous yarn. Unfortunately I will be out of the country for Knit Dizzney this year but now that I know you do this yearly there are 4 of us that will plan for next year!! Love knitting & love Disney. I hope I can still get all the goodies I ordered as this is my daughter’s favorite Disney character.

  8. Catherine Pahia

    What day will orders be shipped if we didn’t get to attend? I can’t wait to get started on the pattern

  9. Judith June Tarrant

    When we ordered at first I said we would not attend, but later said we could come. How can I be sure our order will be there for us? We are for sure coming. Where do we find out about the slumber party??

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