We’re All Mad Here!

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Is there any Disney full-length animated feature that better expresses the time in which we are living now?  And since this year’s Knit Dizzney is going to be topsy turvey, our theme needs to be just as zany!


White Rabbit Extracted
Our event sponsors have been busy creating wonderous delights to tempt even the most stoic of yarn dieters, stash divers and project bag purgers.  This year we have not 1, not 2, but 3 different colorways in 3 different fiber contents, one of which is a non-wool option, something we are very excited about!  We will also be offering an event-exclusive, limited edition project bag, plus, if our cards fall right, we will have a little something extra to offer!
We are so excited that we can’t wait to start our reveal! So, without further ado, down the rabbit hole we go!

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  1. Lisa J Hawn

    I am so excited.

  2. Karen Peak-Marder

    I’m very excited…..I have also figured out how we can do virtual if need be. As you know I’m very high risk….as is susie…

  3. Judè Tarrant

    Oh! We are both hoping it gets to occur, and yes these are down the rabbit hole times!

  4. Mary Rintoul

    So excited!!!!

  5. Awesome! I’m so excited to participate!!

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