Magic Mushroom…

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We are so excited about this year’s addition to the Knit Dizzney line-up, a Category 1 hurricane couldn’t stop us from revealing our 2nd colorway, but not for lack of trying!



Our next colorway is from the amazing imaginations of the dyers of Oink Pigments.  Inspired by Alice’s encounter with the rather impertinent, hookah-smoking caterpillar.




thumbnail“Who Are Ewe?” will soon be available for purchase or pre-order and is available only on the Coven base:  100 grams, 460 yards of luxurious silken linen light fingering weight yarn in rich tones of decadent peacock blue and  delicate pale saffron.  This glorious, non-wool option is just $35, and worth every penny!

“Who Are Ewe?” will be dyed on an “as ordered” basis, so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

“Who Are Ewe?” is available for pre-order to everyone, but for a limited time only.  Since things are a little different this year, we will be accepting preorders all of this year’s Knit Dizzney exclusives later into the month of August.  However, in doing so, orders will not be shipped until later as well, and may not arrive before the event.  Otherwise, if you wish to purchase just this one colorway, or if you miss the pre-order cut-off, you will still be able to purchase it directly from Oink Pigments until supplies run out (will activate link once all of this year’s collection is revealed).

All pre-orders will be shipped from the various dyers’ locales.  There will be no in-person deliveries this year.  Pre-ordering is only for those ordering additional exclusive Knit Dizzney 2020 collection items.


Deadline for pre-orders is August 24, 2020

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