Grand Prizey Goodness

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So, the other day I mentioned a grand prize, for this year’s Knit Dizzney, and that you don’t have to be present to win, right?

And, I think I might have mentioned something about giving a hint as to the theme of that prize, if I recall…

I think I also said that there are several ways in which you can earn extra entries into the drawing.

Well, here’s how!


  • Play the Disney Rally game going on right now on Facebook.  You have the chance to earn a total of 14 additional points.
  • Like and Follow all the Knit Dizzney’s social media will earn you 2 additional points

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Top Hat postI bet you’re wondering if the grand prize is even worth all this clicky clicky!    Let’s just say, each of your hosts have contributed something in their specialty towards a common theme, plus there’s fun little extras thrown in.  Basically, there’s 3 gorgeous skeins of yarn from 3 different dyers, 1 amazing hand-crafted project bag, and a wonderful assortment of additional goodies and delights!


And what is this common theme you ask?  We’re DYING to tell you!  Are you DYING to know?



I’ll give you a hint…


Haunted-Mansion-grand prize teaser






Foolish mortals!  

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