Señoras y Señores, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches…

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I wasn’t very subtle with the teaser Yarn Mouse, so many of you probably already guessed this year’s theme. Cinco de Mayo is an appropriate date (second only to October 31) to reveal Knit Dizzney 2022 CA theme is none other than Disney/Pixar 2017 full-length animated feature Coco!

This amazing fairytale draws threads from the folklore of Mexico and weaves them into a beautiful tapestry filled with complex characters, rich subtext, and intricate emotion, not to mention the colors! Inspiration can be found in every scene, every character and every song! And we can’t wait to take you on our colorful journey through this year’s Knit Dizzney exclusive offerings and events.

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  1. Judè Tarrant

    How exciting!!!

  2. Carol Hayes

    Great choice! I love this film and story line!!!! So thrilled

  3. Chester

    Yaaaay! Can’t wait!

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