Nuestra Familia

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Just a quicky recap of Knit Dizzney 2022 “Coco” Limited Edition Collection before pre-orders go live later tonight.

“Un Poco Loco” by Dizzy Blonde Studios

  • Inspired by Pepita the Alebrije
    DBS Dizzy Blonde Odd Sock Base: 
    • 80/10/10 SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon
  • 100g/435yd sock weight
  • Colorway features: Violet, sapphire, turquoise, teal, emerald, peridot, marigold and lemon
  • $33.00 per skein

“Never Name a Street Sheep” by Lazer Sheep Yarns

  • Inspired by Dante in Alebrije form
  • Silver Sparkle Sock base: 
    • 75/20/5 SW Merino/Nylon/Stelina
  • 100g/463yd high twist
  • Colorway features navy, teal, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple and glows under black light
  • $32.00 per skein

“A Path Home” by Oink Pigments

  • Inspired by Miguel’s determination and the cemetery scene
  • Coven sock base:
    • 65/35 Silk/Linen
  • 100g/460yd
  • Colorway features earthy grey and splashes of moss w/ speckles of pink and orange
  • $35.00 per skein.

“The Crossings” Bag by Not Knots

  • Measurements:  9” tall X 10.5” wide w/ 4 inch gusset
  • Exterior features various colors of marigolds on a teal background
  • Interior features Dia de los Muertos lining fabric and “Coco fabric pockets
  • Wrist handle made from strong black webbed belting
  • Locking toggle drawstring w/ decorative glow in the dark skull pony beads
  • Fully lined w/ 3 pockets
  • $35.00 per bag
  • One per customer/bundle

Pre-Orders will open on 06/28/2022

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