Seize Your Moment

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As we had mentioned in the Lana Picados post, we are privileged to be working with 2 amazing designers. Our knit designer is Katherine Jewell Harris of KJH Knit Designs.

From the Designer:

“As  ever, I was so honored and excited to be asked to design for Knit Dizzney.  Not only are the three dye companies some of my closest fibery friends, but I’m a Disney nerd through and through.  This year is particularly fun since I live in an area that was formerly part of Mexico, so looking for photo locations was particularly exciting.”

“My beautiful model is my middle child Jayna.  She’s entered middle school this year, and is a constant reminder that I need to Seize ALL of my Moments while I can. I’m so grateful to be her mama, and she teaches me new things every day.  Take this as another reminder to seize your moments with your loved ones, and enjoy both making and wearing your cowl!”

This year’s knit pattern designed exclusively for Knit Dizzney CA 2022 is Seize Your Moment. As usual, Kathey’s design tells a story, which makes the knit very compelling when worked up in high contrast, variegated colorways.

The pattern itself is a top down cowlette with representations of the themes in Coco that stood out to me texturally and with the colors: fireworks, marigolds, music (the score from Remember Me), and sugar skulls.


Kathey is offering a coupon code to Knit Dizzneyteers good for 20% off the purchase price of her pattern. But the coupon is only available for a limited time. So get your discounted copy now, because coupon expires on 09/30/2022

Click Here —–> Seize Your Moment

Coupon Code: SeizeCoco22 (case sensitive)

About the designer:

Meet Kathrine Harris: wife, mom, daughter, lover of yarn, and knitter.  Her journey from knitter to designer has been largely one of luck, if she’s to be perfectly honest. She learned to knit originally when she was just 7, because her cousin, whom she idolized, was a knitter and she wanted to be just like her. knit a couple of scarves, then grew quickly bored and put knitting aside for a really, really long time. 

Fast forward to 2003, her then boyfriend (now husband) deployed for the first time to Iraq.  Debilitating fear and stress and a fun fellow girlfriend re-introduced her to the joy of knitting as a distraction from the loneliness. This time she was HOOKED. A little yarn shop opened around the corner from her job a few years later, introducing her to the joys of fine yarns, as well as a few indie dyers, including Oink Pigments, who encouraged her to pursue her design dream.

In 2017, Kathey moved back to SoCal. Her father suffered from dementia and was already living in a memory care skilled nursing facility.  Her husband’s new company was a sponsor of the Alzheimer’s Association walk in North San Diego county, and coupled with her dad’s condition, the idea for her first pattern was born, using color and texture to tell the story of a man and his family coping through that horrible disease.

While her yarny family grows ever bigger, the soul of her framily remains the same – ever encouraging, ever loving, ever creative, and some of the best friends a crafter could ever need.

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  1. Julia Hartley

    Hi! I’m excited to try the seize your moment design but I tried applying the discount code 2-3 times, and it doesn’t work.

    • Hi Julia, that was my mistake. Apparently Ravelry is case sensitive. The coupon code is SeizeCoco22. I’ve corrected it in the post as well. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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