Knit Dizzney 2023

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Dizzy Blonde StudiosLazer Sheep YarnsNot Knots and Oink Pigments are happy to announce Knit Dizzney 2023!

Saturday & Sunday, September 16-17, 2023

Sorry folks, we’re a little late in announcing this year’s event, but, as it is our 10th anniversary, we’ve been working hard at making this year’s event extra special! Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 16 & 17, 2023! Yes, you saw that correctly, we will be having activities both days! Join us for one, or for all.

Saturday: Sleep-over, dinner and movie night! We will be hosting a sleep-over at a hotel close to the Disneyland Resort, where, after dinner we will retreat to the hosts’ room for a bit of yarn love (knit, crochet, spin…whatever) and a viewing of a couple of this year’s themed full-length feature movies. More details on the sleep-over to come.

Sunday: Disney day & Meet-up! Please join us at the Disneyland Resort and play in the park for Knit Dizzney!!  Please refer to Disneyland’s Website often for up-to-date ticketing and reservation information. The meet-up is from 1:00-3:00 at the Hearthstone Lounge in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. As always, the meet-up event is free, however parking is a different story.

As usual, we are excited about this year’s very special theme, and will be offering 3 different and unusual colorways, one of which will also be offered on a non -wool base, exclusive event hand-crafted project bags and many extras. As in previous years, there will be time to have a drink, a bite to eat, knit or crochet as well as fun games, and door prizes. Hope to see you there!

This time I have not given any sort of clue whatsoever of the theme of this year’s event in the yarn mouse at the top of the post. I’m almost positive that no one would guess it in a million years. But, please guess away! You can even put your guess in the comments. You might give us ideas for future themes! I’ll be revealing the theme soon (probably in a couple of days)

15 Responses

  1. Nicolett Behm

    Disney’s 100th????

  2. Sarah Williams

    Well that graphic you put up looked very 90s, so either Turning Red or Disney Afternoon (if not sticking strictly with movies).

    • OMG< I would LOVE to do Turning Red, but not this year.

      • If we go into the park and meet up at the Grand Calif, I assume it is minus needles since security would never allow it. What happens at the meet ups?

        • I have never had any difficulty bringing my knitting needles into the parks. The meet-up location is changing, since our usual venue is now a reservation-only/table service restaurant.

  3. Mickey in the Spotlight. Star of The Show.

  4. Lisa J Hawn

    Does Star Wars count as a Disney theme? You (and Tony) have seemed consumed by Star Wars lately!

  5. Victoria

    Lilo and Stitch?

  6. Priscilla Atwell

    Just found out about this cool event. I already have reservations for both days. What hotel will you be at overnight? Any chance at acquiring fiber? Sounds like fun!

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