Sistaaaah are Brewin’ it for Themselves…The Bad

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You all know me waaay too well!, or have been paying attention, because some of you guessed this next inspirational trio right from the start!

Dizzy Blonde Studios took inspiration for our assemblage from none other than those wicked witches of Salem from Disney’s full-length feature: 2022’s Hocus Pocus 2, and 1993 hit, Hocus Pocus:  The Sanderson Sisters.

This troublesome trio wanted to live forever, and now they can, because we immortalized them in yarn:  Each of the sparkly three 25g. mini skeins represent a sister:  garnet, mahogany and cranberry for Mary, emerald and indigo for Winnifred, and lilac, mulberry and dusky rose for Sarah, along with a 50 g. skeins representing the black flame candle.

The pricing for Amok! Amok! Amok! On Dizzy Blonde Studios DBS Brilliant Blonde Sparkle Sock is $49.00 per assemblage and will be available for presale once all of the assemblages and project bag have been revealed. 

So…who wants to venture a guess as to who the final trio is?

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  1. Glenda Collins

    Very excited and looking forward to pre-ordering. Sounds so delicious wicked!

  2. The encanto sisters?

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