Quite the glittering assemblage…The Good

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There are many beloved trios in the Disney character compendium: Huey, Dewey and Louie; Minnie, Mickey and Donald; Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, just to name a few. So how does one choose a theme of trios, and still keep cohesion? You make them all magic-users, of course!

Still…did we choose 3 magic users from different movies? Did we go villain perhaps, with Jafar, The Evil Queen and Ursula? Or benevolent with the Fairy Godmother, the Blue Fairy and Genie? Nope! That would be too easy.

Since this a milestone year for Knit Dizzney, we decided to go all out and do something very special to mark the occasion: We each chose a different trio of magic-users and spell casters and created a 125 gr total weight “assemblage” consisting of three 25g. mini skeins and one 50g. neutral half-skein.

Oink Pigments found inspiration for their assemblage in the Good Fairies from Disney’s 1959 full-length animated feature, Sleeping Beauty

“This set is truly once upon a dream! With a half skein inspired by Briar Rose’s cottage dress and 3 mini skeins representing her faithful and loving “aunts” with a touch of speckle magic. Oink Pigments is offering the choice of their wool Targhee Sock base or the silk and linen Coven.”

Happy stitching,
Julie Gillespie, Co-owner, dyer, and professional enabler.

The 3 mini skeins represents each fairy: crimson for Flora, spring green for Fauna, and sapphire for Merryweather, along with the half-skein in mahogany, mauve and taupe represents their treasured “niece”,
Briar Rose. The entire set is designed to be worked together in a single garment. (Just wait until you see what our designers are working on!).

The price for The Cottage Corps in Targhee Sock is $48, and in Coven Silk/Linen is 55.50, Both options will be available for presale once all of the assemblages and project bag have been revealed. So which trio do you think will be next?

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  1. Lisa Hawn

    So stoked. My favorite princess.

  2. Judè Tarrant

    This is so exciting! I love the first set and am dying to see what comes next.

  3. Love this set.

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