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To make things easier (or even harder, if you’re like me and have difficulty making decisions), I’m putting our entire Knit Dizzney 2023 “Power of 3” collection in one place. Click on the link for each item for more detailed information.

~The Good: The Cottage Corps~

This magical set from Oink Pigments is inspired by the 3 Good Fairies: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Disney’s full-length animated feature: Sleeping Beauty. The three 25g mini skeins are half solid and half speckled, each one representing a fairy. The 50g half skein represents Briar Rose. For a total of 125 g. The set is being offered in 2 different bases: Targhee Sock: $48.00 and Coven: $55.50


~The Bad:Amok! Amok! Amok!~

This wicked set from Dizzy Blonde Studios is inspired by the 3 evil witches of Salem: Winnifred, Mary and Sarah aka The Sanderson Sisters, from the Disney movie Franchise Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2. Each of the three 25g mini skeins, represents a Sanderson sister while the 50g half skein represents the Black Flame Candle. All 125 g. is being offered on DBS Brilliant Blonde Sparkle Sock: $49.00.


~The Indifferent: Past, Present & f-EWE-ture!

The final set from Lazer Sheep Yarns is inspired by The Fates from Disney’s full-length animated feature Hercules. Each of the 25 g. mini skeins represent one of The Fate sisters: Lachesis, Clotho and Athropos, while the 50 g. half skein was inspired by Hades’ underworld and the River Styx. Total weight for this set is 125 g. and is being offered on Lazer Sheep Yarns Luxe Sheep base: 52.00.


The Power of 3 Project Bag

Our exclusive Knit Dizzney 2023 project bag from Not Knots and has been meticulously crafted in Hocus Pocus-themed fabric. This year the bag is being offered in 7 different exterior fabrics, and you get to select which fabric you want of for the exterior of your bag. The price of the bag is $30.


Bundle & Upgrade

A Bundle consists of 1 yarn set, 1 project bag and 1 mystery pattern. When you purchase all 3 together, you will not only get free shipping, but you will get a special upgrade bonus accessories kit created exclusively for Knit Dizzney 2023 by Cheryl and Michael Kong: a $15 value.

Mystery Patterns

A quick word about our “mystery patterns”: Both knit and crochet designs will be cowls created specifically for our Knit Dizzney 2023 event. Both patterns are designed specifically for our colorway kits, no matter which kit you purchase. The knit pattern is priced at $7, and the crochet pattern is priced at $6. They will be available only for a limited time.

Presale Info and Forms

Presales will be opening soon and will remain open for 3 weeks, after which, you can purchase any remaining inventory from the specific maker’s individual website. So, keep a watchful eye here for the order form below!

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