A strange twist of Fate…The Indifferent

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Our final colorway assemblage is a bit of a dark horse, really.  I’m certain few think of this trio when someone says “Disney Magic Wielders”, but they are key players in their full-length animated feature, and are considered Greek Mythology’s most powerful deities:  the weavers of the Tapestry of Fate and Destiny. Lazer Sheep Yarns’ set was inspired by The Fates from Disney’s 1997 full length animated feature, “Hercules

This year my yarns are inspired by the 3 Fates from Hercules.  They represent the past, present, and future.  In the movie they both advise Hades and cut mortals’ thread of life when their life is over (or try to cut it in the case of Hercules himself). 

If you look into the actual mythology it is said that one fate spins the thread of life, one measures it, and one cuts it.  This made me doubly excited to come up with colors for these characters! 

I love the way the three Fates skin colors go with each other, so I made those the base of each color, with a swirl of black to be their robes.  I used the deep grey teal tones of the Underworld itself as the complimentary skein.  I can’t wait to see what everyone creates with this set! 

~~~Leslie Valantine, Owner & Dyer at Lazer Sheep Yarn~~

Each of the three 25g. mini skeins represent a sister:  Glacial blue embodies Lachesis, the one who measures the thread and knows all of the past. Sea green embodies Clotho, the one who spins the thread and knows all of the present.  And lastly, misty pink embodies Athropos the one who cuts the thread of life, can see all of the future.  The 50 g. skein representing the Underworld and the River Styx.

The pricing for Past, Present and f-EWE-ture on Lazer Sheep’s Lux Sheep fingering is $52.00 per set and will be available for presale soon: once all of the assemblages and project bag have been revealed.

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  1. Dana Sullivan

    Damn you Lazer Sheep. I had convinced myself that I don’t need any more yarn. Then you come out with this set!

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