Such a Tease!

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Our talented designers are busy creating beautiful knit and crochet patterns for you this year. They are in the pattern testing/tech editing phase. Once the patterns are ready for release, I will reveal them here on the blog, including links to their respective websites where the pattern can be purchase. For those of you who have already purchased the patterns, the individual designers will be emailing you digital copies of the patterns in their preferred format.

I’m not about to let you go emptyhanded. Both Kathrine and Alicia have sent me in-progress teaser pictures, which have gotten me really excited for the end product. I can’t wait to hear the story they’ve injected into their creations. I’m sure you will agree!

Mystery Knitted Cowl

Yarn set is “Amok! Amok! Amok!”

Mystery Crocheted Cowl

Yarn set is “Past, Present & f-EWE-ture”

Anyone interested in a no-pressure/no deadline post-event KAL/CAL?

Cannot wait for their release!!!!!!

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