Knit Dizzney 2017 Swag Recap

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Just a quick recap of the amazing Knit Dizzney 2017 Limited-Edition Swag!  The official Knit Dizzney 2017 t-shirts are a light-weight soft 50/50 cotton poly blend. Sizing and pricing charts as well as pre-order forms for the T-shirts can be … Continued

Tangled Treasures

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Pre-orders are now closed   Pre-orders for Tangled Treasures are now open.  Please use the form below to reserve your official Knit Dizzney 2107 swag.  Because we have 2 different colorways to choose from, our “Package Deals” will be done … Continued

But wait, there’s more!

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As many of you know, Dizzy Blonde Studios will be moving to Florida by early next year.  Now, this doesn’t mean that 2017 will be the last Knit Dizzney, no.  It just means that we’re going to need a little help … Continued

Where’s My Satchel?

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  These exclusive project bags are hand-made by Silvia Mendoza of Not Knots.  They are approximately 9.5 inches tall with a generous rectangular base; ample room for most knitting and crochet projects. They are fully lined with light-colored coordinating fabric. … Continued

2017 Knit Dizzney T-shirts!

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 T-SHIRT PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW CLOSED       Here’s the scoop on the official 2017Knit Dizzney T-shirts* They will be available for pre-order starting July 24, 2017.  Scroll to end of post for order form. Deadline for pre-orders is August 10th, … Continued

I made a promise…

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…and when I promise something I never ever break that promise.  Ever.   Our theme character had an identity crisis for 18 years, then at last she saw the light…  Our character theme for Knit Dizzney is none other than… … Continued

Knit Dizzney 2017

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Sunday, September 10, 2017 Come spend the day at the Disneyland Resort and play in the park with Dizzy Blonde Studios!  You can purchase tickets online, or purchase them at the park.  The official Knit Dizzney meet-up will be at the Hearthstone … Continued


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Whew!  This week has certainly been a whirlwind!  But it’s finally time to unveil the official 2016 Knit Dizzney yarn colorway, and we hope you’ll be please!  We love it!     The official Knit Dizzney 2016yarn, “By Hook or By Crook” will … Continued

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