Finished Object – Smackdown!*

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Well, the finished object isn’t called smackdown, though it could be. No, the smackdown comes later. Instead, I present… An EFfin’ Oh! Stats: Pattern: The Nora by Megan Ellinger Yarn: Some gawd-awful stuff called Baroque that my nephew bought at … Continued

Attack of the Assmat

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A little while ago I was explaining to the Cat Knits group on Ravelry about a simple cat pad I made in my early months of knitting. Ida, founder of Lily Friends asked me if I could write it up in … Continued

Is a Puzzlement

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The same man who can’t pay attention to 30 seconds of directions will stand mesmerized for seemingly hours watching a crane?   OR The uber-cool cat toy you bought at that expensive little boutique is sitting in the corner untouched, while … Continued

A Part of the Process

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I like to knit along as I’m designing. That helps me to better see what’s going on, if the different elements are marrying up well and if what looks good on paper actually translates into yarn perfectly. Oftentimes I’m left … Continued


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Wonder where I’ve been? Betcha thought that a swarm of angry nekkid sheep, alpaca & goats hunted me down demanding their coats back. Or maybe you thought some wrongly convicted then released man-turned canabalistic barber hacked me into bits, put … Continued

My Dizzy Blonde

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Yesterday marked the first anniversary of very important addition to the family, because a year ago yesterday I brought home a dizzy little blonde bit of fluff and named her Trixie. And she made herself right at home…starting with my … Continued

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