#KnitDizzney Almost Here!

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Knit Dizzney is less than 48 hours away, and we cannot wait!  Just wanted to share some last-minute info to help make the day the best it can be.  They are projecting temps in the upper 80s, so please plan … Continued

Yarn & Bag Preorder form

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This form is for Knit Dizzney participants only.  If you’re unable to attend Knit Dizzney, but still want to order the yarn, you can do so through the shop.  Here’s the link.   $23 per skein plus tax Deadline for all Yarn … Continued


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We’ve saved the best for last! These adorable bags are completely hand-made by Joan Nevin.  They’re approximately 10″ tall, with a rectangular base, fully interfaced and lined with light-colored coordinating fabric.  One of my favorite features is the band of … Continued

Aloha, Knit Dizzney!

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Finally, it’s time to reveal this year’s Knit Dizzney theme: Stitch Dizzney! We’ve finalized the official 2014 Knit Dizzney yarn colorway, and we think you’ll be please!  (at least we hope you will…we love it!) The official Knit Dizzney 2014 … Continued

Knit Dizzney 2014 T-shirts!

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Here’s the scoop on the official 2014 Knit Dizzney T-shirts* They will be available for pre-order starting July 21, 2014.  I will provide a pre-order form in a separate post. Deadline for pre-orders is August 4th, 2014.  This will allow … Continued

Knit Dizzney 2014

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Sunday, September 7, 2014 Come spend the day at the Disneyland Resort with Dizzy Blonde Studios and The Knotty Girls!  You can purchase tickets online, or purchase them at the park.  The official Knit Dizzney meet-up will be at the … Continued

Dizzy’s Beauty Yarn

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The official Knit Dizzney 2013 yarn, “Dizzy’s Beauty” is now available for purchase or pre-order!  It’s 4 ounces, 560 yards of Dizzy Blonde Studios Superwash Sock Light Fingering base done in glorious variegation:  black, deep wine, bright raspberry, cotton candy … Continued


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So, here’s the scoop on the official Knit Dizzney T-shirts They are now available for pre-order. Deadline for pre-orders is August 16th, 2013.  This will allow time to print the shirts and to ship them out so they can be … Continued

Hard Pressed

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…as in seriously hard-pressed to find my writing mojo.  Between Ravely, Facebook, Plurk & Twitter, I’m all worded out.  The social media thing seems to be the in thing and phasing out the blog thing.  But sometimes there’s news of … Continued


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…of epic proportion.  Yup, I got broadsided by an impromptu and inexcusably long hiatus.  And usually, when a blogger has been absent for as long as I have, they have the good manners to have gone through, done some house-keeping … Continued

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