My Own Private Eye-(da-ho) Candy Friday

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Peek-a-BOO! (Man I’ve got some big hands…I’m gonna be a classical pianist just like my Oma La!) Warning! Doting Oma was here and she had a shitload of pictures! This will be your only warning. Proceed at your own risk. … Continued

Another FO…of sorts.

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Marina Sol February 5, 2007; 6:55 pm 8 pounds, 8 ounces; 20 inches The proud parents, Chrissy and Carlos pre-arrival. Having never met the baby’s father before the one thing I can be sure of is thank GAWD he’s at … Continued

The Eyes Have It!

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This is a relatively picture-heavy post that has nothing to do with knitting. You have been warned… But first, to all you Rhinebeck attendees…or should I say Whinebeckians, heretofore referred to as ‘Beckees?…BLOW ME! Oh, and just between you and … Continued

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