On Notice

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~~~~~~~~~  To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door – nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats, The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, … Continued

Finished Object – Smackdown!*

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Well, the finished object isn’t called smackdown, though it could be. No, the smackdown comes later. Instead, I present… An EFfin’ Oh! Stats: Pattern: The Nora by Megan Ellinger Yarn: Some gawd-awful stuff called Baroque that my nephew bought at … Continued

Is a Puzzlement

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The same man who can’t pay attention to 30 seconds of directions will stand mesmerized for seemingly hours watching a crane?   OR The uber-cool cat toy you bought at that expensive little boutique is sitting in the corner untouched, while … Continued

My Dizzy Blonde

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Yesterday marked the first anniversary of very important addition to the family, because a year ago yesterday I brought home a dizzy little blonde bit of fluff and named her Trixie. And she made herself right at home…starting with my … Continued


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This weekend was exhausting, but VERY rewarding. Saturday evening, around 8:05 I got a phone call. It only took 2 sentences and 10 minutes to find me on the road, driving out to the 909 (Yes, I’m a refugee from … Continued

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