Sale! “OLIVIA” (Sylvan Glade)
“OLIVIA” (Sylvan Glade)

Cool tones in fern, moss and olive greens along with shale blue are featured in this serene and relaxing colorway.

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Sale! “REDFORD” (Still Waters)
“REDFORD” (Still Waters)

Just as the saying goes, Still waters run deep, and so do these colors! From silver to heather gray, clear blues & greens of the shallows to those of the deepest darkest parts of the ocean.

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“SCARLETT” (Tragic Cherry)
“SCARLETT” (Tragic Cherry)

Rich tones in plum, cherry and scarlet are featured in this decadent colorway

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Sale! “Slippery Slope”
“Slippery Slope”

High-contrast variegation featuring moss green, earthen brown and granite

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Sale! *I’ll Be In My Bunk – Original*
*I’ll Be In My Bunk – Original*

Gloriously blue tonal yarn in midtones of deep sea and nautical blues.

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Darkest of Hearts
Darkest of Hearts

High-twist MCN sock, in diabolical ebony and wicked violet with fiendish flashes of vicious orchid

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Sale! Happy Hour Kit
Happy Hour Kit

Kit contains:

  • Grab n Go Project Bag
  • 400 yds/4 oz high-twist MCN 80/10/10 Merino/Nylon/Cashmere sock yarn
  • Set of 4 jeweled wine charms/8 stitch markers
  • “Once Upon a Vine” Fingerless Mitts Knit pattern
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Sale! Killer Fashion Sense
Killer Fashion Sense

Inspired by the character Hedra Carlson from the movie “Single White Female” and her obsession with her new roomie, Ally.  This variegated colorway shifts from gold to bronze to pewter

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Knit Dizzney 2018 Project Bag
Knit Dizzney 2018 Project Bag

Grab & Go project bag from Not Knots

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Sale! Lovey

Inspired by the character from Gilligan’s Island, Lovey is a semi-solid colorway in rich gold and sunny yellow.

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Mystery Skein Sweetheart Deal
Mystery Skein Sweetheart Deal

Buy one Mystery Skein at regular price, get one free!  Average value range of the mystery skeins is $20-$32

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Sale! Simply Irresistible
Simply Irresistible

Inspired by the Borg Queen from “Star Trek First Contact” this high-contrast variegation shifts from gunmetal gray with a hint of bronze and vibrant diode red.

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