Darkest of Hearts
Darkest of Hearts

High-twist MCN sock, in diabolical ebony and wicked violet with fiendish flashes of vicious orchid

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Sale! Happy Hour Kit
Happy Hour Kit

Kit contains:

  • Grab n Go Project Bag
  • 400 yds/4 oz high-twist MCN 80/10/10 Merino/Nylon/Cashmere sock yarn
  • Set of 4 jeweled wine charms/8 stitch markers
  • “Once Upon a Vine” Fingerless Mitts Knit pattern
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Sale! Hyperion

Inspired by Angel’s new residence, The Hyperion, in its glory days, 50s era Hollywood, CA.  This colorway reflects the jewel-tones of the ritzy interiors of Hollywood’s golden era, ruby and wine reds, buttery yellow, deep sapphire and cool forest green.

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Sale! I Don’t Dance…I Echo
I Don’t Dance…I Echo

The pastoral scene from the ballet in Season 3, Episode 13, “Waiting in the Wings” is the inspiration for this colorway, which shifts from woodsy brown, cool shady green and soft sky blue

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I Want Candy
I Want Candy

Silk Merino sock yarn in a luscious variegation of decadent maroon, sumptuous plum with a touch of lavish gold

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Sale! Killer Fashion Sense
Killer Fashion Sense

Inspired by the character Hedra Carlson from the movie “Single White Female” and her obsession with her new roomie, Ally.  This variegated colorway shifts from gold to bronze to pewter

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Knit Dizzney 2018 Project Bag
Knit Dizzney 2018 Project Bag

Grab & Go project bag from Not Knots

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Sale! Lovey

Inspired by the character from Gilligan’s Island, Lovey is a semi-solid colorway in rich gold and sunny yellow.

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Sale! O Soave Fanciulla
O Soave Fanciulla

Inspired by “Passions”, Episode 17 of Season 2 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and the path of rose petals that lead Giles to find Jenny’s lifeless body on his bed, slain by the evil Angelus.  This vibrant colorway shifts from darkest black to deep crimson to petal pink .

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Official Knit Dizzney 2020 Project Bag
Official Knit Dizzney 2020 Project Bag

These Not Knots’ bags are truly beautiful, and measure 10 inches tall, 10 inches wide with a 3 inch reinforcing casing band and a 3 1/2 inch gusset which makes for a generous rectangular base; ample room for most knitting and crochet projects.

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Sale! Patsy

Inspired by Patsy from “Absolutely Fabulous” this semi-solid colorway is a perfect combination of Absinthe and Appletini

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Pattern – Assquack Beanie
Pattern – Assquack Beanie

A delightfully whimsical hat knitted in the shape of a duck's backside

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