A Little More for the Dyeing

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So this weekend I dyed some more. I even got the SD in on the action, much to the DH’s chagrin. I swear, we really REALLY need to do something about these fiber unfriendly people. Like, lock them up in a dark room with nothing but yarn, and to get out, they have to untangle the whole lot of it, and wind it into balls that fit through a certain slot which, once full, triggers the unlocking mechanism…

Uh, where was I? Oh, yes…the dyeing…
We used a combination of hand painting and immersion, and I was rather pleased with the results, even if I do say so myself…and I do.
This gorgeous daylily inspired:

which, reskanked came out…


And this Eggplant Blossom inspired:

and the reskanked version:


Which left me with a dilemma: Which skank should I send to my Dye-O-Rama pal?

Oh, and Chrissy even did some yarn for herself. We used a gradual immersion method with the leftover Turkey Red dye from the Rentard yarn, which gave us…

Strawberries & Cream.

Ok, did you figure out which skank I sent to my pal? Daylily or Eggplant?

Well, of COURSE I sent them both. I sure hope she likes them.

In other random news…Check this out at Pet Channel. You never know who’s reading you. Just wish they would have used the right picture.

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