Another FO…of sorts.

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marina smile
Marina Sol
February 5, 2007; 6:55 pm
8 pounds, 8 ounces; 20 inches

chrissy carlos
The proud parents, Chrissy and Carlos pre-arrival. Having never met the baby’s father before the one thing I can be sure of is thank GAWD he’s at least good-looking.

marina sleep
See? Even at 1 week old, Mama’s teaching Marina what’s important in life: Notice the sheep on the left? NEVER too early to start!

A precious moment with mother and daughter.

I think this one’s my favorite so far. Makes me want to hop the first flight to Southern Florida, intrude on my favorite Orange’s mama’s hospitality for a couple of days, and then drive the hour or so just to meet my granddaughter. As if Chrissy needs her well-meaning-but-probably-interfering step-mom to show up on her doorstep, which just so happens that, for the time being, is also her mother’s doorstep. That’d be a teensy bit awkward, dontcha think? Guess I’ll just have to be patient and see them in Colorado in July.

But it’s just SO hard!

Urge to snuggle….rising…

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