Finally! This Mo-Fo’s an Eff’d Oh.

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Seraphim directly off the needles back in October…

Seraphim FO

…and Seraphim now, a mere 4 months later. Yup, lightning-fast, huh? Wendy’s got nothing on me!

Pattern: Seraphim by Miriam Felton
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Baby Silk in Sapphire. Oh! so soft!
Needles: US Size 5 Denise Interchangeables
Gauge hah! You should know me better than that by now.
Comments: I was feeling so guilty about how long it took me to finally get around to test-knitting this, that I felt compelled to really dedicate myself to “helping” with the design.

One of Mim’s initial concerns was that the charts were too long, having to be printed on legal size paper because they wouldn’t fit on regular 8.5 x 11. Here is where I focussed my attention. I decided to fold the charts in half, and knit the shawl in the Peacock Feathers fashion, namely, knit the first half of the shawl using the half of the chart that was showing, and then knit the second half using the same row of the same chart in the reverse direction. Now, this has it’s advantages, mainly, long charts printed on legal-sized paper with itty bitty characters can now be blown-up, printed on standard paper, thus relieving the need for squinting, magnifying glass and optimum lighting. The drawback? The biggest one was having to remember to make my decreases lean the right way on the second half of the shawl. Which requires thinking…which is hard to do when this is your TV knitting.

There were other minor problems but I think that was more due to the ineptitude of the knitter and not the designer. But there was this one chart section where I was having to shift the stitch markers every lace row even though neither the chart nor the pattern indicated the need to do so. Because if this, I was so afraid of the outcome, I didn’t block it for 2 months. But, after blocking everything seems to be where it’s supposed to be, so I guess I did it right, and I fretted for nothing.

So my only recommendation to Mim is, if you want to make the size of the charts more manageable, consider doing the half chart thingy. Otherwise, there were really no errors I detected. Sorry it only took me a year to finish and come to that conclusion!

Now, if you look closely at the FO picture, there are a couple of visible errors in my knitting, but nothing significant enough for me to go into cranial meltdown. Besides, the little soul to whom this shawls was dedicated was kind of fucked up in his own right. I think it’s only fitting that his shawl be a little fucked up too.

And look, even after all this time without him, finishing the knitting and then soaking and blocking, I still have a bit of him in the shawl.

This alone is reason enough to love it.

(link included specifically for Norma)
Just a quick reminder:

The Faina Scarf Along starts February 14th, only 6 days away. If you’re joining, make sure you let me know so I can add you to the page. Please feel free to take the button for your blog.

Who’s ready?

Show us your yarn! Since the pattern doesn’t call for a specific yarn, I’m curious to see the different yarns all of you are using. Flash that stash on your blog and leave a comment so we can go drool over it. Me, I’m using Elann Peruvian Baby Silk in Cedar. Yes, I liked it THAT much.

Oh shit! I just noticed something! Do you see it? Look at the ball bands. More specifically, compare the top center ball bands to the bottom center ones. See that? I’ve got Baby Silk AND Baby Cashmere in this picture. And here I thought it was all the Baby silk. How the hell did I do that? No WONDER it’s 3 different dye lots. It’s 2 different yarns! Well, hell, I just may be knitting this in the cashmere instead. Won’t know until I go home and see how many balls I have of each.

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