Hell’s Bells & Jammie Time

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I am happy to report that, except for a couple of isolated incidents in Malibu and Santa Clarita, Los Angeles is snow free. In other words, hell has NOT frozen over. But I’m afraid one of the satan’s minions has escaped, and is now residing at Casa de La.

Trixie1 Sleepy Dog

She looks harmless enough doesn’t she? All innocent and cute and loving and comfy and snuggly. La’s perfect little snowflake angel…

Mad Dog …as if!

Throw in a bag of yarn innocently set out the night before in anticipation of stash inventory, and you wake up the next morning to this: Look closely. See that brown string strewn about all slap-dash, and the chewed-up ball band?? Yeah, that would be the partial contents of a ball of Knitpicks Palette. But, what you can’t see is the rest of the yarn that’s been (un)wound over, around, through, on and under the rest of the furniture. It looked like someone came and graffiti’d my living room with a shitload of brown silly string. And on top of all this, she hid the mate to that ball behind my camel-back blanket chest, only to be discovered later that day, …AFTER the photo-cataloging session (that’s why in the picture I’m 1 ball short) of course. THEN she had the balls to claim the Kroy AND the Sockotta as her very own, trying desperately to bury them in her “crate” under the blankets and foam. People have died for less. She’s lucky she’s so cute…Bitch. And I know Momoze is over at the Rainbow Bridge laughing his furry little ass off…That’s payback for the neutering! BTW, the yarn was retrievable, and after much swearing and crawling around and yelling and unwinding and rewinding, I got it back in its ball. So, yeah, no yarn was harmed or injured during this debacle. You can all breathe a sigh of relief.

~~~~~|Semi-but-not-really-relevant Knit Content Begins Here|~~~~~

Yesterday marked the official kick off for the Forest Path Stole Along, and I’m already stonewalled. No, not due to the pattern ( which I’ve only read up TO the beginning of the entrelac) but due to the fact that in the reading (or misreading, as the case may be) of the pattern, I mistook the needle-size for 5s, and have now come to realize that I have no size 3 circulars, except for a pair of 16″ cheapy Clover bamboo that’s grabbier than Ron Jeremy at a porn convention. And since my JoAnn doesn’t carry knitting needles below a size 15 (ok, I’m exaggerating), and the LYS I pass on the way home is only open late on Wednesdays, I ordered some online. So now my start up of the stole is solely reliant upon the quickness of the shipping department and the whim of the U.S. Postal Service. So instead I’m working on finishing up the Audrey socks and the Baby Blanket of Infinite Edging. Both those projects should keep me well and happily engaged through Sunday: When I saw this button over at Olga’s I knew this is one Super Sunday I’m totally on-board for. I’ve got my jammies all picked out, along with my slippers, snacks, phone numbers to Papa Johns and my favorite Chinese take-out place, beverages of choice, knitting, and a plethora of both good and bad-but-I-love-them-anyway movies. Anyone wanna join me?

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