M(y P)ariah

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Jodi’s at it again! Go visit her at Knit & Plenty and check out her Oscar Nomiknitations for this year’s awards! (Later on you’ll have a chance to vote for your fave.)

So I was on the phone with Debi the other day and she brought up a good point: How come I have yet to mention anything about my now-completed Mariah? I mean, yeah, it had been off the needles and languishing in my closet sans zipper and with shitty seaming for over 2 years. And now, thanks to FKD, it not only has a perfectly matched zipper, it now has beautiful, invisible seaming. So, why is it STILL just hanging in my closet, unblogged, unworn and unloved?
Nope, it’s not the color, which I totally love. And no, it has nothing to do with the DH’s mad photo skills.

self mariah
Nor, is it because of the gorgeous cabling, which I am uncharacteristically very proud of. I actually like the longish sleeves too. And even though it should be, it’s not because I’m ashamed that I was too lazy to finish it, instead opting to take up a good friend’s offer to finish it for me.

Let me give you a little hint. I’m not actually slouching in that first photo.

Give up?

mariah issue
I’m having serious issues with this neckline, both in fit and finish. The rest of the sweater fits very well, except for this neckline, which is gapey and slouchy and the edge looks unfinished. Now, to the untrained eye of Average Joan-On-The-Street, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this sweater, and if I were to wear it out, I’m sure I’d get some nice compliments on it. But to the discerning eye of the experienced hand-knitter, that neckline screams “first sweater” (which it actually was), and I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

Other pertinent info? Mariah is a hoodie. And yes, I have 1 ball of yarn left.

Any advice?

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