In the Nick of Time

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Just when you thought that we had forgotten that this is a knitting blog…

Voila! It’s an Effed Oh!

Pattern: My own boring-assed rolled-cuff, garter stitch non-felted Roman sock pattern with a garter stitch heel.
Yarn: 2 50-gram balls KnitPicks Palette in Nutmeg from my stash.
Opinion: 2 words for you…Tobasco and Douche (thanks Jen). And since I have recently found that they’ve unearthed a KNITTED sock on an ancient Egyptian mummy (pre-2nd century AD), I won’t HAVE to do another pair of these What’s-the-point-of-knitting-in-the-round-if-you’re-gonna-knit-garter-stitch? socks ever again.

Now in the sock’s (socks’?) defense the recipient was so pleased with them, he called me last night and told me that these are the best fitting socks he has ever had, and thanked me profusely, stating that I’m seriously undercharging for them. Eh. I still say they’re ugly, but if he’s happy with them, and if I never have to knit another pair, I’m happy too.

Oh, and Elann? Bitches! Why couldn’t you wait 3 1/2 months more to send out your newsletter showing that you now carry this (Santiago) and this (Aubergine) and especially this (all of them)? Shoot me. Just shoot me now.

I’m so completely hosed!

Saber agrees.

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