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Southern California can be an ideal place to live for several reasons:  temperate weather, beaches, mountains, top-notch entertainment wherever you go, and a rich history.  However, if you’re a fiber artist, you will soon realize that there is one thing totally lacking:  fiber festivals.

Don’t get me wrong, we have several retreat events: Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Retreat and the Studio 66 Fiber Retreat (both of which I someday hope to attend) as well as a few small, localized events like Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Frolic (which are held 3 or 4 times a year), and WeFF but nothing on the scale of, say,  Maryland Sheep & Wool, Rhinebeck or Stitches.  It’s enough to make a SoCal knitter travel the country, and I have.

Well, that MAY be about the change!  Earlier this week I stumbled on some exciting news:


Sorry for the all-caps, but I am so excited about the prospect that all I can do is shout it.  Read all about it here, and definitely leave a comment to let XRX Knitting Universe know that there’s not only a market for a Stitches event here, we are STARVED for some larger-scale fiber festivals here.  If you’re shy about leaving comments on blogs, not to worry.  There are several threads on Ravelry (okay, so some of them I started) that you can voice your resounding “oh hell yes” on the subject, but the main one is here.

If this Happily Ever After DOES come true, expect to see me there at Dizzy Blonde Studios in the marketplace having a great time pimping our wares!  In the meantime, I plan to keep a sharp eye on the turn of events, and keep you all posted, and you should go tell Benjamin Levisay, in any form you can, (he’s on Facebook, Twitter & Ravelry and very friendly on all three) that yes, we need Stitches in our region!

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  1. It’s all your fault. Southern CA is too far away anwyway. 🙂

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