Knit Dizzney 2018 Schweet Schwag Round-up!

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Just a quick recap of the amazing Knit Dizzney 2018 Limited-Edition Swag!  (Link to yarn & project bag pre-order form will be at the end of the post) “Glitchin’ Sheep”, from Lazer Sheep Yarns is sumptuous MCN sock yarn that is inspired by our adorable … Continued

Schweet Schwag!

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Pre-orders are now open! Pre-orders for 2018 Knit Dizzney’s Schweetz Schwag are now open.  Please use the form below to reserve yours today!  Because so very few people ordered t-shirts, and want to pass the saving along to as many as we can, … Continued

Candy Man

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What would Vanellope be without her arch-enemy, King Candy?  I’ll tell you what…a pretty pampered petite princess!  She would not have had the character-building experience of finding her place in the world, and she would probably have never met Ralph…or … Continued

Achievement Unlocked!

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Again this year, these exclusive project bags are hand-crafted by one of this year’s co-hosts, Silvia Mendoza of Not Knots.  A little larger than past years’ bags, these are approximately 10 inches tall, 10 inches wide with a 3 inch reinforcing … Continued

Life’s a Glitch

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And for another year in a row I ask:  “Wow!  Where did July go?”  It just whooshed right by me while I’ve been trying to adjust to life in hot, sticky, cloying, beautiful Florida.   This year Lazer Sheep is dyeing the hero … Continued