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From the dyer

This year my Knit Dizzney inspiration was Dante, Miguel’s faithful companion in the movie Coco. I love Dante and his loyal, sweet, dopy nature, just like a few dogs I know.

To get his wonderful, crazy, color combo translated to yarn I took my inspiration picture into my drawing software. I pulled all the key colors I could (boy he has a lot!) and swatched them together until I was sure I could do it in dye without it getting muddy. It only took two batches of yarn to get it right, and I just love the chaos of it!

To get that magical, “land of the dead” feeling I decided to go with Sparkle sock (75% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% Stellina), and fluorescent dyes that actually glow under black lights!

As a spirit guardian, Dante is full of colors so I overlapped navy, teal, green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple in ways that mimic his wonderful patterns. I hope you enjoy this yarn as much as I enjoyed making it.

~~~Leslie Valantine – owner/dyer Lazer Sheep Yarns

 “Never Name a Street Sheep” will soon be available for purchase or pre-order for $32.00 per 100g/463yd skein!

“Never Name a Street Sheep” will be dyed on an “as ordered” basis, so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

“Never Name a Street Sheep” is available for pre-order to everyone, but for a limited time only.  Since we wish to ship orders out in time for you to have them for the event, there is a cut-off date of July 19, 2022. However, pre-orders will remain open into August, but all orders placed after 07/19/2022 will be shipped out after the event. Otherwise, if you wish to purchase just this one colorway, wish to order it on a different base yarn, or if you miss the pre-order cut-off, you will still be able to purchase it directly from Lazer Sheep Yarns until supplies run out (will activate link once the entire collection is revealed).

All pre-orders will be shipped from the various dyers’ locales.  There will be no in-person deliveries this year.  Pre-ordering is only for those ordering additional exclusive Knit Dizzney 2022 collection items. Cut-off date for pre-orders is July 19, 2022, to ensure pre-event delivery. However, deadline for pre-orders is August 21, 2022.

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  1. Patti Reyes

    Hi I would like to purchase two skeins of “Never Name a Street Sheep” as soon as it is available. I could not find how to purchase it online. I plan on attending Knit Dizzney and would like the yarn and pouch. Thank you.

    • Hello Patti! If you haven’t done so yet, please follow Knit Dizzney, Dizzy Blonde Studios, Lazer Sheep Yarns and Oink Pigments on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to this blog. You will then receive the up-to-date info on preordering yarn, project bags and other goodies, virtual event and live event registrations, an any additional fun activities we come up with along the way. Looking forward to seeing you this year!

  2. Cathleen Jolley

    I have been telling my Knitting Guild about how much fun Knit Dizzney has been in the past. So far please reserve two seats. One for Cathleen Jolley (me) and one for Patty Reyes. I would like to purchase two skeins, fingering and a bag.Patty will be contacting you for her purchases. We will be driving from Palm Springs and staying the weekend just for your event.

    • I’m so excited that you’ll be joining us this year, Cathleen! There will be a pre-order form where you and Patty can place your orders. Additionally, there will be an event registration form for both the virtual event and the live event. You can attend both if you like. They’re different from each other, however, both are quite fun!

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