Power x 3

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For this year’s knit design, I explored my fascination with the power of three. Three is a pattern found throughout human culture, from religious trios like the Fates of Ancient Greece or the Christian Holy Trinity to superstitious beliefs that good and bad things “always come in threes”, it’s a number whose power is evident to humankind. I hope you have as much fun exploring the theme and beauty of three as I did! ~~Katherine Jewell Harris

The “Power of Threes” knitted cowl is the second and final mystery design to be revealed. And again, our patience paid off because this cowl is truly stunning! You can see Katherine’s “exploration of 3s” in every layer, seamlessly melding color and texture to tell a story and making for a very compelling knit project. Will it be the next one on your needles?

If you have already purchased this knit pattern, you will be receiving it shortly. However, if you hadn’t already ordered it as part of this year’s Knit Dizzney The Power of Three collection, you can still purchase it from KJH Knit Designs at the introductory price of $7.

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  1. Judith June Tarrant

    I keep trying to order the power x 3 pattern, but the click leads me to Rav and it’s not on her page there. Is there a trick to ordering?

    • Kathrine Harris

      I’ll be uploading the pattern to Ravelry on Wednesday which is my next day off! Thanks for your interest!!

  2. Judè Tarrant

    Thank you Katherine, I’m excited to get it

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