T-minus 22 and counting

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Just popped in quick-like to remind everyone that the sign-ups for the next episode in the Mean Girls’ saga are tomorrow morning at 9:30AM PDT at The Mean Girls Yarn Club blog. Don’t know what the Mean Girls Yarn Club … Continued

Update update

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Hi!  I know it’s been a while since I last updated the blog (a WHOLE WEEK!!!! snerk) but it HAS been entirely too long since I updated the etsy store.  Well, not any more! There will be a micro-mini updated … Continued

Dye-by Posting

Bad blogger, no doughnut! I swear, wasn’t it just last week that I last posted? No? Damn. It’s pretty bad when the April Fool’s joke is the fact that I’m actually blogging, now isn’t it? Well, today’s is gonna be … Continued

Something Afoot

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Tenderfoot is finally ready for her publishing debut!  The final road was long and hard…ahem…there were rewrites and recharting in spades (btw, do you know how hard it is to get “clever engineering” from inside your head, down onto a … Continued


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…of epic proportion.  Yup, I got broadsided by an impromptu and inexcusably long hiatus.  And usually, when a blogger has been absent for as long as I have, they have the good manners to have gone through, done some house-keeping … Continued

Armadillidium vulgare

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aka the common pillbug.  I’m sure you’re familiar.  Recently I found that I resemble the behavior of this fascinating little creature in as much as when I feel threatened I curl up onto myself, presenting an armor-plated exterior to the … Continued

Fly By Posting

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Ugh, I have SO neglected this blog! And because of it, I have so much to catch up on posting. I could cite the usual busy-busy excuse…but who isn’t busy these days? So, I guess I have to come clean … Continued

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

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Tomorrow, August 8, 2009, marks the 1 year anniversary of the opening of Dizzy Blonde Studios!  It’s hard to believe it came around so fast!  So how do you think I plan to celebrate?  Well…besides having champagne, that is.  Give … Continued

Alle, alle auch sind frei!

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aka, “Where the Hell Has La Been, Anyway?!?” The answer is here, buried under a pile of “to-do” lists and “sooper seekrit shit” lists, so basically, I have a lot to talk about, it’s either that I can’t, or I … Continued

She Inspired a Generation

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As kids there were always the three of us:  Teri, Jane and me.  And when we’d get together, you could always find us “reenacting” our favorite TV show.  Jane, with her glorious long brown hair was always Kelly, that was … Continued

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