School Mascot by day…

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Fred, a serious science (fiction) fanboy comes off like a laid-back dude with no direction, and boy-howdy does he have us all fool! This sign-twirling school mascot, moniker assigning, science fiction, comic book and monster movie buff is the first to step up and do what it takes to takes to take down the bad guy and solve the mystery. Fred is the Shaggy of this Scooby gang, and is the inspiration for Oink Pigment’s colorway.

She Blinded Me With Science!

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Honey Lemon is the total package: Chemistry whiz, fashionista, conservationist, fierce friend. Is it any wonder Lazer Sheep Yarns chose her as the inspiration behind our next colorway?

I Feel the Need…

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…the need for speed!!! Without further ado, let the reveal begin! Again this year, we are pleased to offer 3 different colorways inspired by characters of Disney’s 2017 animated feature Big Hero 6 inspired by the Marvel Comics of the … Continued

Shipping Update

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KNIT DIZZNEY SHIPPING UPDATE Tried as we may, we are unable to ship any of the orders before the event.  I was afraid of this from the beginning.  But with the event being virtual one this year it means that we … Continued

Down the Rabbit Hole!

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UPDATE:  PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW CLOSED.  IF YOU WISH, YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE KNIT DIZZNEY 2020 EXCLUSIVE MERCHANDISE DIRECTLY FROM THE DYER BY USING THE LINKS BELOW.   First, let’s refresh our memory regarding this year’s collection inspired by different scenes … Continued

Curiouser and Curiouser

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Are you dyeing (get it?) to see what the last colorway is?  Well, let’s first reveal the scene from which Dizzy Blonde Studios drew inspiration for this year’s colorway. The Mad Tea Party! When the tipsy little door mouse skyrockets up into … Continued

Magic Mushroom…

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We are so excited about this year’s addition to the Knit Dizzney line-up, a Category 1 hurricane couldn’t stop us from revealing our 2nd colorway, but not for lack of trying!   Our next colorway is from the amazing imaginations … Continued

Into the Woods…

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Bet you thought we were going to make you wait longer to tease out the colorways, didn’t you?  Well, where’s the fun in that?  We will have 3 different colorways this year on 3 different yarn bases.  Instead of being inspired … Continued

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