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Pattern – Eton Cap


Lace & cable knitted cap pattern in 2 variations: Beaded and Non-Beaded

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This beautiful cap is inspired by the Eton Bob; a popular hair style among women of the 1920s, which, paired with close-fitting hats and caps, made for a definitive stylish woman of the era known as the “Flapper.” Flappers were renowned for many things including outspokenness, unconventional views and independent thinking, and were instrumental in paving the way for the successful, independent women of today.

The Eton Cap is a close-fitted knit cap, in 2 versions: Beaded and Non-beaded. This simple yet engaging pattern is knit in the round using less than one 50-gram ball of heavy fingering weight yarn. The merino-silk blend gives a polished look to the cap, while remaining supple, soft and warm, and the beads in the second version add a little flair.

Skill set:
• Basic Chart Reading
• Basic Cable Knitting
• Basic Lace Knitting
• Ability or willingness to learn to knit in the round
• Ability or willingness to learn to beaded knitting

This is a digital version of the pattern


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